Announcing the winner of the March Haiku Contest!

The March Haiku Contest on the theme of SYNCHRONICITY was held with the hopes that Haiku lovers would come in droves to compete.

While that didn’t happen (maybe the theme was a tad difficult?), some writers were brave enough to give it a whirl.

I’d like to thank those who did write a Haiku for the contest – you rock!

It is my pleasure to announce the winning poem and poet today.

Her name is Sara Afflerback and she hails from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Currently living and working in Seattle, Washington, Sara is a Social Impact Researcher who wants to change the world.


You can check her out at


Here’s her fun-loving poem on synchronicity:


thought patterns are verbalized.

You owe me a coke!

Congrats, Sara!

Your prize will arrive by snail mail in the next few days! Hooray!